Company Profile

Developing Ideas For Fun Inc. (DIFF) was founded in 1998 as a full service Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Value Added Reseller (VAR). DIFF focuses on the provision of reliable Information Technology (IT) solutions, exceeding customer expectations and providing support, mentoring and training to assist small, medium and large size business owners and operators to leverage themselves using modern information and communications technologies. DIFF has full-time resources dedicated to providing training, support and mentoring to small and medium sized businesses.

To achieve that goal DIFF must provide an organization with a better value for each Information Technology dollar spent. In pursuit of increasing the value spent on IT resources DIFF can provide access to higher quality, specialized services and the increase of technical knowledge in an organization. When an organization increases their knowledge of technology the mystery of that technology decreases. The de-mystifying of a technology increases the organization’s usage of that technology which gives the organization a better value for the money spent. Productivity is increased as a result of the proper training, configuration and installation.

The negative side effect of this increased usage of technology is the increased reliance on technology. DIFF researches the “Best in Class” products and believes in finding “Commercial Off The Self” solutions that adhere to industry standards and guidelines. This allows an organization the flexibility to change with its growing business needs and remove the negative side effect of technology.

DIFF strives to become an integrated part of your organization by being a strong partner in the health of your company. DIFF can help your organization fulfill your technological needs and map out a future for your success.

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