Let Developing Ideas For Fun Inc. (DIFF) help solve your problems.

If you are a small firm without the resources to implement a full Information Technology Department, DIFF can provide complete network management solutions to you. Larger organizations can benefit from outsourcing operations that are unfamiliar to them or not part of their core competency to DIFF. To be successful provider of networking services DIFF believes in becoming an integrated part of your team. Working closely with your organization allows us to understand your goals and the path your organization is taking. The understanding allows DIFF to plan and offer advice to provide Best-In-Class services to your organization.

One of the key problems organizations have to solve is the shortage of trained technical talent. This problem comprises of finding, training, and then keeping people who can function in a technical environment. DIFF’s business structure is setup as a sourcing provider. This allows us to offer your organization the IT and/or technical management infrastructure it needs now as well as the growth and change your future will need. This alleviates the shortage of resources problem faced by many organizations.

Another key problem faced by an organization is the need for specialized services. DIFF’s ability to serve several clients simultaneously gives us access to employees with specialized skill sets not normally associated in a typical IT department.

Service Areas

Technology Consulting

  • Disaster Recovery and Planning
  • Network Communications
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Request for Proposals
    • Communications
    • Technology Acquisitions
    • IT Outsourcing
  • Virtual Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Marketing Consulting and Outsourcing

  • Performance Baseline Service
  • Social Media Management Provider

Business Consulting

  • Business Automation
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Merger / Acquisition Evaluation and Support

Manage Service Provider or Support

  • Area Wide Networks
    • Campus Area Networks (CAN)
    • Internet (Cloud) Area Networks (IAN)
    • Local Area Networks (LAN)
    • Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN)
    • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Hosting Environments
    • Database Driven Applications
    • Shared and Dedicated server
    • Co-location
    • Content Management Systems
      • DotNetNuke
      • WordPress
  • Email Solutions
  • File Storage Solutions
    • Archival
    • Backups
  • Multimedia Solutions
    • Streaming

Custom Application Solutions

  • Application Maintenance Plans
  • Custom Software Configurations
  • Life Cycle Planning

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